Good for people. Good for the earth. Good for you.


We're strong believers that businesses can and should be a force for good. PEOPLE before profits. So, we're teaming up with other like-minded organisations making people happier and working together to further support the mission.

We’ve carefully selected the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients to make you HAPS. From 100% natural salt lake electrolytes, to community owned baobab trees helping create sustainable income for people in rural Africa. Our core values of happiness, wellbeing, fun & fairness means we only want to work with genuinely good people who aren't harming the EARTH. So, when it comes to our partners, we ask ourselves 1 simple question: do they do good?

By choosing to buy HAPS SuperFruits + Boosters, you're not only helping yourself, you're helping other people too. Good for YOU. It feels good to do good, doesn't it?

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