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Customer Reviews

"I have felt a definite mood boost when I've taken a HAPS. Nice flavour, easy to use and identifiable ingredients.” - Lauren
"I'm having a HAPS day. It's so delicious 😋. It has my nutritionist's backing!" - Jo

"Have found I've had more of a desire to do things in my free time rather than mope around at home. " - Adam


"I didn't take it for a couple of days after taking it for a month. When I took it again I could really feel the impact, I really love this product!" - Natalie


"It's the perfect pick up during a busy summer of festivals and holidays! The best supplement for anxiety and stress too" - Stella


"A wonderful product that gives your body the 'inside sun' that it needs, in the Autumn and Winter months in the UK." - Yvonne


SuperFruits + Boosters  

feed your happy :)

HAPS has been created to help improve low mood and boost wellbeing*. Unlike most supplements, we use no bulking agents - just whole fruit powder. We've carefully selected the finest ingredients to make you HAPS.


*Here are a few of the health claims verified by ...

HAPS SuperFruits contributes to:

  • normal psychological function (Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 & C)
  • normal cognitive function (Zinc)
  • normal mental performance (Vitamin B5)
  • normal functioning of the nervous system (Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12)
  • regulation of hormonal activity (Vitamin B6)
  • the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12)
  • the protection of cells from oxidative stress (Vitamin B2)


Lecturer at the College of Natural Nutrition & nutritional therapist in Brighton & Hove.

The nutritional supplement specialists responsible for fueling Team GB athletes.


What is 5-htp?

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