In my life I’ve experienced the awe of climbing to mountain top highs and the crippling lows of coming back down again. Like far too many people, I’ve seen first-hand how damaging depression can be.

Society tells you to get a job, work hard, earn money so you can have what you want and be happy.  Bad advice. I did all that... and I wasn't happy.

“Happiness isn’t having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.”

2014 started off with my mum waking up paralysed from a spinal cord stroke. A few weeks later my grandad passed away. I couldn't cope with what was happening so I avoided my emotions by working too hard and playing too hard. When I hit rock bottom, I realised I needed to take control. So, I started applying the science of happiness to my own life and... it really worked. I was so excited to share everything I'd learnt with close friends and family who were also going through tough times. To my delight, the same small positive actions worked for them too. It felt amazing to help people, and gave me a real sense of purpose.

There are many factors involved. The top 3 for me were positive relationships, mindfulness and nutrition . I’d done a nutrition course with the wonderful Kirsten Chick a few years before, but I now became obsessed with it.

Serotonin structure

Serotonin structure

When you dig deep into the science of happy nutrition, you discover that with a few carefully selected natural ingredients, you can boost your vital nutrient levels and increase production of the “happy hormone” serotonin. A super healthy diet is the ideal way to get this nutrition, but food alone is sometimes not enough and a healthy diet is tough to maintain when you're feeling low. I found buying various different supplements massively helped, but they were full of various bulking agents and artificial chemicals. I also didn't feel good about handing over my money to huge, profit driven pharmaceutical companies. I thought, what if the purchase could help me feel good and do good...


I believe all businesses should exist to have a positive impact on the world and help humanity, even if that means less profit! So, I've been busy working with the experts at Team Nutrition to create a 100% natural fruit powder with added boosters and real purpose. We're confident the unique, eco-friendly and ethically sourced blend we've developed can help make a positive impact on the millions of people who are feeling low right now.

In fact, I am so hyped about helping more people find their way to brighter times that I have quit my well paid job and sold/given away almost everything I own to focus on it full time. Happy is the new rich!