How does HAPS work?

HAPS gives your body a boost of specific nutrients that positively impact your mental health and general wellbeing. The blend was carefully selected by a team of nutritional experts. Read the full ingredients list and the nutritional therapist's analysis of HAPS ingredients here:

Other FAQs

+ What is 5-HTP & how does it work?

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+ Who should take HAPS?

HAPS helps improve anyone's general wellbeing but is particularly beneficial for people experiencing low mood, stress, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or post-party blues.

+ How often should I take it?

We recommend drinking 1 serving (9g) per day when you feel you need a boost. You can take it daily if needed but ad-hoc use also brightens up the days you drink it.

+ Would you recommend occasional breaks between HAPS?

Yes. If you're drinking HAPS daily we recommend taking a break after 12 weeks. Long-term daily use of HAPS is not unsafe but a break after a 12-week course will help keep the 5-HTP from losing its efficacy.

+ Why can't I take HAPS if I'm on antidepressant drugs?

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Or, read this: Because they both impact serotonin levels but in different ways. Antidepressant drugs prevent serotonin breakdown, while the 5HTP in HAPS boosts serotonin production. So, taking both together would mean the body creates more serotonin but can’t break it down. This could lead to dangerously high levels of serotonin (serotonin syndrome).

+ Can I ask another question?

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+ Cool, where can I buy some?

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